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Julia Alabaster grew up in England where she developed a passion for and felt a strong connection to nature. Her love for travel was inspired when she was 15 by a school cruise to the Mediterranean; this initiated a lifelong love of Greece. Her early travels took her twice around the world, mostly working in health food shops before she settled in New Zealand. Julia is a qualified Nutritionist and started Whangarei’s first organic vegetarian café. She is a qualified Classical Human and Veterinary Homeopath, had her own clinic for many years and taught Homeopathy for the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy (NZ). In 2015 Julia undertook a Shamanic Healing apprenticeship in Spain and loves to work with nature spirits and to create ceremony and sacred space. Julia also paints and sculpts and loves to design and build beautiful spaces. Her other passion is dance and she has trained as an Ecstatic Awakening Dance teacher and leads dances locally and at festivals.

Julia’s working life has also involved managing a variety of business, including a Natural Health Centre in London and the charity OceansWatch, that she ran with Chris Bone. Since 2014 she has managed two of the three Kalikalos Holistic Centres in Greece. She has held a vision of bringing these Findhorn inspired, community run Holistic Education Centres to New Zealand for several years and is excited to see it start to come to fruition.

“I am really excited to be developing a beautiful workshop and shared living space in New Zealand; and especially passionate about creating a sense of community using daily Sharing Circles and inspiring people to step up and follow their calling.”

Julia lives with Chris Bone in a small eco-village close to the beach and to where they are developing KaliKapai and she loves having their children and grandchildren living close by.

Qualifications: BSc Physiology, MSc Health Science, Dip Ed, Dip Classical Homeopathy, Dip Veterinary Homeopathy, Dip Nutrition, Shamanic Apprenticeship Dip, Ecstatic Awakening Dance, Dip Life Coach, Teacher cert.



Chris Bone has devoted much of his life to environmental and social justice.

Chris’s first job was in I.T. but he soon bored of office life and left to follow his passion of sailing. After a few years teaching sailing in the UK and Channel Islands Chris spent several years as a flotilla skipper in Greece, a country that he grew to love and still does. The Caribbean followed Greece, then Chris took up an opportunity to skipper a large yacht to New Zealand. Arriving on the same day the French bombed the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour was an eye opener for Chris and he soon got involved in Greenpeace, who recruited him to skipper their yacht Vega. “Working for Greenpeace was a privilege, a huge learning experience and precipitated a change in my life path from hedonist to activist”

Chris’s work with Greenpeace took him all over the SW Pacific, working mainly on anti-nuclear campaigns. After leaving Greenpeace Chris settled in New Zealand to raise his 3 kids and took up farming, eventually running a national farm services business and organic farm consultancy, whilst also assisting local yachting businesses to market themselves to international yachts people. The ocean continued to beckon though, so Chris started an International yacht delivery company. Chris’s desire to make a positive difference grew as he got to see first-hand many of the environmental and social issues in the Pacific Islands, so in 2007 with a group of friends, he started the Yacht based charity OceansWatch.

OceansWatch succeeded in making a positive difference in many people’s lives in the SW Pacific and several Marine Protected Areas were initiated. The work continues now on a much-reduced scale, as after ten years of expeditions, loggers and miners moved into many of the areas where OceansWatch was working. This highlighted the systemic corruption in the Pacific and made working there unsafe. A 3-minute, unsolicited film about Chris’s role in OceansWatch is available here.Chris’s wife Julia supported OceansWatch throughout and Chris now wishes to support her desire to start up the KaliKapai Community Retreat Centre on land they share in New Zealand. KaliKapai is how Chris wishes to give of himself for the good of the earth and its people.



I grew up on Auckland’s North Shore. As a child I loved being in the outdoors, I still feel my best when surrounded by trees and nature.

Animals also gave me great joy, as they do now,I loved horse riding, and had my own horse growing up.

I was always going to work in hospitality, it started by chopping up grapefruit from our tree when I was quite young, and sitting my neighbourhood friends down with bowls and spoons to eat my creation, their screwed up faces didn’t seem to put me off,I don’t think I peeled them before chopping them up!

I bought my first business with a friend in 1981,it was a Tiny Italian Cafe, that wasn’t doing very well,so we got it cheaply,we named it The Hard To Find Cafe,as it was! 

A change to mexican food was suggested one day by a customer, so I bought a book on mexican cooking, sourced some authentic corn tortillas, and put Mexican food on the menu, and it really took off.

I bought my partner out, and moved to bigger premises, further up the road. We only sat 16 people in the little cafe,and we were getting queues out the door, we needed something bigger.

I ran The Hard to Find for 10yrs, really enjoying it,but we served lunch and dinners, 7 days a week,and when I had my second daughter, i needed time for her, so I decided to sell.

After a couple of years break, and with the help of fabulous staff,I built up a catering business, Loaves and fishes catering, I took over premises in Te Atatu Peninsula, and over time, ended up with a kitchen I was proud of, and loved working in. By 2019 the business was very busy, and I was ready to slow down a bit, so I sold. 

I miss it, I loved sending delicious food off to peoples special celebrations, corporate lunches,film crews, we did School Catering as well, I think we covered it all, it was never boring.

After dreaming about community living as a young woman, I decided this was now the time! and the universe delivered,Julia,Chris and Kalikapai came into my sights! 

Living with like minded people in a community makes me very excited for the future. I hope we can pull this off between us, and offer encouragement for other groups to do the same.

I see living like this,will be one of the many changes we will see,as our world finds new ways of co existing on this planet. The future if we are to survive, has to come from a heart centred place, caring for each other, animals and our precious earth. It’s certainly a vision that is attainable. 



Hi there my name is Janet Redmond. Growing up in Burnley, Lancashire, England, though I didn’t know it at the time I was steeped in community. I have dreamed of recreating a community and thriving village for decades. For a while I joined Ahika community in March 2013. I was kaitiakitanga of 80 acres of land from 2014 – 2017 using regenerative agriculture to heal and restore the land.. Realising my dream on this land died when I sold the land in 2017. Since that time I have travelled NZ in the FLYING WAKA TARDIS SPACESHIP, aka my motorhome, searching for people and a place to manifest my vision. I believe I have found it with my Kalikapai-ian’s. I see myself as a possibilitator, village weaver, trainer (30 year) and healer and transformer of intergenerational family patterns.
I have 4 adult children Chris, Michael, Jamie and Anna and 5 grandchildren Niko (18) Mia (12) Ella (8) Summer ( 5) and Aeryn (4).

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Hi, my name is Gaby, In my first life (or to be technically more correct: in the first half of my life) I was an architect / project manager - very left brain orientated. Had you told me 10 years ago that I would become a BodyTalk practitioner (an energy-based healthcare system) I would have laughed. There you go: nothing is as constant as change 😊
Made in Germany, but found it was getting too crowded there, I lived in South Africa and Botswana for 11 years before trying Germany again for a while. Now I am officially a Kiwi (a very happy one!)
Community living with people like the ones I had the pleasure to meet at Kalikapai and sharing resources and skills has always made sense to me and I have been wanting to do that for some time. I am so glad to have found them.
I am a horsewoman and my new dog Samson is the first Kalikapai puppy 😊