1. What is Kalikapai? It is a concept , a way of living together , where the focus is on connection and creating a strong sense of community.

  2. Do you have a mission statement?Providing holistic and sustainable living education through the medium of authentic community with a focus on our relationship with Spirit and the environment. (Borrowed from Kalikalos)

  3. What is Kalikapai’s vision?A world where authentic community and sustainable living are the foundation of all aspects of our society.(Borrowed from Kalikalos)

  4. What stage of development are you at present? We have identified the land we wish to purchase. We have a core group of people wanting to purchase this land and would like to find 10-15 more aligned people to join us.

  5. What is the process to join Kalipai? Stage one would be to contact members via email (juila@oceanswatch.org) to answer questions that are not satisfactorily addressed in this FAQ. Stage 2 we would request potential members to meet  in person and come visit the land we are currently looking at purchasing. Failing that Zoom calls are an essential part of our communications with all members, including weekly meetings to discuss progress and  development.

  6. I’m somewhat interested, can I invest and use my section as a holiday home? Kalikapai is a community development, not a timeshare, holiday bach, or financial investment scheme. If you have plans to join us in a few years that would be OK but collectively we may wish to impose a time limit on  transitions.

  7. What are the costs involved in joining? You donate $500 to become a member of the development association (to cover legal and admin costs), then you will need to loan the Trust $100k to purchase the property and get the right to have a Licence to Occupy.

  8. I can’t afford  to join just yet, what other options are there? You can buy with a friend.

  9. What does my $500 deposit cover? The initial $500 goes into a Financial and legal fund. This is to cover the cost of developing Legal documents for the ‘Trust’, Holistic Centre, and other admin expenses.

  10. What does my purchase price cover? Initially this secures you a lease to occupy, which means you have the right to live, occupy and work the land within the confines of community guidelines. We may collectively decide to subdivide and/or rezone some of the land.

  11. How am I protected as an individual? You are protected by the Trust document and your Licence to occupy. You can choose to sell and leave at any time although there may be a time lag.  The Trust will own the land and prevent anyone from selling it.

  12. What is the ‘Trust’? Does my purchase make me a trustee? The intention is for an Educational Trust “Kalikapai Trust” to purchase the land as this makes it safer for us all. You will be a member of the Trust and as a member you will be part of the election process to elect Trustees to represent your interests. You may be elected if that is what you choose.

  13. If I decide to leave at a future date what happens to my section, cabin and my money? We don’t want the community to split up, however we understand circumstances change. Essentially we see a staged process to be put into action. You can decide to either donate your section to a person in need or sell the section at the original purchase price  (adjusted according to the consumer price index (CPI) since purchase) to an interested party on the community housing waiting list. Price of improvements will be up to you. 

  14. I have a THOW, are there additional costs to set up my section? Yes, you will need to provide access that will allow you to move the THOW within 30 mins under the law, therefore you will need metalled access for a firm track. 

  15. Are there any ongoing costs? This will be a group decision. We must pay rates, power, phone, insurance and maintain access roads and shared facilities. We have yet to work this out in any detail but will be less than a single home as the cost will be shared..

  16. How are ongoing costs covered? As we plant trees to care for our land we can get income from Carbon Trading. Chris has done quite a lot of research on this and we hope to start planting soon after purchase.

  17. What business opportunities are planned to help the community prosper? That’s up to all of us, we shall all share ideas. We do have other opportunities to make collective money through the education centre, grazing, possible Airbnb, Renting main house as Bach over Christmas, camping, growing stuff, kayaking trips?????